Back from tour! posted by Tomas on 2014-05-13

Today I got back from the Flower Kings European tour. To sum it up, so much fun, so many good memories!

Now, I will finalize Anna SiseŽs album. Continue to work on the Barracuda album. Also compose more music for my solo album. So bizi days!

Spring is here! posted by Tomas on 2014-03-24

In April-May the Flower Kings will go on a Europe tour. WeŽll play in Denmark, Germany, Holland, France, England, Belgium, Swiss, Italy and Spain.

Butbefore this however I will meet up with Felix Lehrmann, Jonas Reingold to record the first album with the new power trio "BARRACUDA"

Cruise posted by Tomas on 2013-10-10

In the last update I forgot to mention the gigs in February. We will spend 5 days on a cruise going from Miami to Bahamas. YouŽll find more info at


A lot to do:) posted by Tomas on 2013-10-09

Hi Guys

Firstly, I need to be better updating the news section. As we all know, summer is long gone even if this fall tend to keep pushing the Indian Summer ahead. A few days ago I could wear a t-shirt outside without feeling cold! Something is fishy about the weather.

And talking about fish. I took part of an education day, hosted by "Artister för Miljö". (Artist for Environment & Sustainability) WeŽll now continue to work on the project called "Crime of the Century". Read more under projects!

Later in October, The Flower Kings will release the new album "Rose of Desolation". We also have 2 warm-up gigs confirmed. The first one (18th of December) will take place @ Bryggarsalen Sthlm. The day after weŽll play in Gothenburg.

I also continue to work with the songwriter Henrik Sandberg. Right now weŽre a bit excited, I canŽt say anything yet but IŽll let you know soon:)

Jonas Reingoldt, Felix Lehrmann...(my brothers in arms from TFK) will go on tour next year. We will release a DVD/CD in March and after this hit the road:)

Linda Sahlberg released a single a week ago. Her full album will be finalized in November. I really think the second album is a big step up!

I also mix a jazz album with the artist Anna Sise! Some really great musicians are making this album pure magic! Release in 2014!

I think thatŽs all for now. Over & Out


Summertime! posted by Tomas on 2013-07-01

Hi all, I wish you all a great and relaxing summer!

New possibilities new risks! posted by Tomas on 2013-03-14

I think IŽve landed from the tour. To sum it all. Dang! Thank you everybody involved! Now itŽs some time for recordings.

February tour posted by Tomas on 2013-02-13

From now, I will be concentrated on rehearsing for the February tour. This tour is a double bill evening. Beside TFK you will see Neil Morse Band feat. Mike Portnoy (ex Dream Theater). I feel this will be an evening to remember. Please check out if you can get a door ticket before booking the "fan ticket". A lot of shows are already sold out. / tomas

New songs.. posted by Tomas on 2013-01-27

IŽve just uploaded some more Flower Kings music. Go to media, then on the Flower Kings album. Enjoy!

More music posted by Tomas on 2013-01-20

Now even more music uploaded. Check out Eggs & Dogs "YOU ARE"

New songs posted by Tomas on 2013-01-19

Hi Guys
IŽve uploaded some new songs. The whole songs "Silicon Bimbo Run" and "Food" from the Eggs&Dogs album "You Are".

Then some new Swedish Family songs.

Go to media/music.

BTW Simon Åkesson from Moon Safari is singing some very nice backing vocals.

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